Cam Newton is an immature egotist, and so am I

It was a bold move, strutting onto the biggest sports stage in the world wearing them. But then again, describing any one thing Cam Newton does as bold is like going to Mexico and still calling it “Mexican food.” Everything Cam does, every word that comes out of his mouth, every twinkling smile, every dab, … Continue reading Cam Newton is an immature egotist, and so am I


fear, you’re funny

GK Chesterton once said that art is the signature of man. I remember having one of my favorite discussions with my Chinese students in our first class of the semester last year about this topic. What separates humans from animals? Are humans anima...

layered comedy

The Onion used to be a novelty. Oh, look at this funny fake newspaper, honey; it's so cute! Then you put it down and move on, similar to your phase with Weekly World News... remember how funny that was? Well, The Onion is now a comedic powerhouse....