Are You Sad About the Cow?

NYC Midnight 2016 1st Place Story in Flash Fiction Challenge   “It’ll be fun,” I consoled my husband as we parked the van. “We won’t even tell them it’s vegan.” “What’s a vegan?” said one of them.  To mothers, even the good ones, all your children’s voices tend to blend together. The amalgam just sort … Continue reading Are You Sad About the Cow?


A Dan Snyder X-Mas Carol

******* Now a Kindle eBook on ******* It was an abnormally cold night, even for FedEx Field in December. And unfortunately for one Daniel Snyder, the offices were no refuge from it. Ticket sales were down.  Robert Griffin III jersey sales, once the cash cow of the franchise, had halted.  The team name was … Continue reading A Dan Snyder X-Mas Carol

To Scramble, You’ve Got to Break Some Legs

"Just a cup of coffee, please," Robert Griffin III told the waitress behind the bar.  He eased his broken body onto the bar stool at the Washington D.C. breakfast diner, but he wasn't hungry.  He had slept poorly the night before after watching his Washington R-Words fall to the Seattle Seahawks, yet again.  He couldn't break his … Continue reading To Scramble, You’ve Got to Break Some Legs

Captain’s Log Stinks So Bad, Fans Leave Early

"He's ready for you," said a suited, serious man, holding the door barely ajar which read: Dan Snyder, Owner. "But it's so dark in there," responded Robert Griffin III, pointing with his right crutch. A broken, cackling laughter emerged from the seemingly pitch black room.  The disturbing sound was then consumed by the erupting cheering of … Continue reading Captain’s Log Stinks So Bad, Fans Leave Early