Cam Newton is an immature egotist, and so am I

It was a bold move, strutting onto the biggest sports stage in the world wearing them. But then again, describing any one thing Cam Newton does as bold is like going to Mexico and still calling it “Mexican food.” Everything Cam does, every word that comes out of his mouth, every twinkling smile, every dab, … Continue reading Cam Newton is an immature egotist, and so am I

Drinking with the Enemy

The reality set in when a white Richmond Police van was waiting for us in the Museum District.  This is not a joke, the four of us realized.  We were actually being taken down to the police station because of heavy drinking.  It was not, however, a typical drunken trip to the station.  Instead of … Continue reading Drinking with the Enemy

I fall apart

In my 28th year I have finally realized my bane. Christians are always struggling with some kind of sin. Lust is a common admission among men in church small groups. Many will spend too much time, money, and thought on being accepted or liked. Pri...