A Dan Snyder X-Mas Carol

******* Now a Kindle eBook on Amazon.com ******* It was an abnormally cold night, even for FedEx Field in December. And unfortunately for one Daniel Snyder, the offices were no refuge from it. Ticket sales were down.  Robert Griffin III jersey sales, once the cash cow of the franchise, had halted.  The team name was … Continue reading A Dan Snyder X-Mas Carol

Tail of the Tape Worm

****** As Published in RVA Mag ****** Much like the plot of every M. Night Shyamalan film since The Village, the R-Words are full of holes.  Blame has been hurled at every Washington coach, owner, player, and manager.  Some even believe there is an evil hex on the team.  I know, ridiculous, right?  A curse on the team.  How … Continue reading Tail of the Tape Worm

A Chance to Say Goodbye is All We Want for X-Mas

****** As Published in RVA Mag ****** X-Mas has come early, R-Words fans.  We typically have to wait until January for the off-season, the real football season for the R-Words, to start.  This year, the off-season is in full swing as R-Words fans are adorning their X-Mas trees with X-Mas lights.  Washington fans everywhere are waking up from hibernation, their cryogenic sleep … Continue reading A Chance to Say Goodbye is All We Want for X-Mas