livingsocial left me dyingalone

Livingsocial is the fastest growing company in Washington DC.  They offer incredible daily deals and open consumers’ eyes to quality businesses right under their noses.  But it seems like they’re satisfied with that.  They don’t seem to really want it.  They are comfortable with minor success, with just making the big show.  Oh, they’re showing up, but they don’t want to do what it takes to become the best.  

In other words, they didn’t hire me.

The cover letter is a lost art.  Pick up any cover letter and it just seems so lifeless.  Write one and you feel lifeless.  When I applied to Livingsocial I decided to change that.  What if whoever was skimming through the stack of resumes and cover letters came across one that was different and made them laugh?  This is a risk, of course.  What if the person reading the cover letters is the kind of person who loves writing cover letters?  What if he doesn’t have a sense of humor?  What if it comes off as pretentious or unprofessional?  Well, I took the risk, and, either because of that decision or in spite of it, Livingsocial emailed me last week and told me I’m not what they are looking for.  So, I’ll share it with you.  To understand the humor of it, you need to read their job posting.  They explicitly ask for things like: creativity, wit, word play, a clever sense of humor, and evocative writing.  They even say something about how they like being “tickled.”  So, I decided to tickle them.  Hard.

Job posting:

Assistant Editor

Editorial | Washington, DC, United States 

Are you a savvy writer/editor looking to depart the world of newspapers and magazines? LivingSocial, the hottest new form of social commerce and online marketing, is hiring an assistant editor to help with the content creation process for our daily deals. We love evocative writing and word play (clever turns of phrase tickle us pink!), and think the most exciting stuff to read online is full of energy, creativity, and wit. Agree? Then keep reading:

Job Responsibilities: 

  • Edit copy for our daily deals; 
  • Source freelance copywriters; assign and manage them to ensure consistency and style;
  • Write up to five snazzy deal descriptions each day;
  • Proofread, proofread, proofread (!!!) everything from daily deals to marketing collateral; 
  • Coordinate with our operations team to ensure timely and quality deliverables; 
  • Help shape LivingSocial’s unique voice and product; 
  • Wear a variety of hats when needed to help us create one heck of a dynamic product.


  • 1-4 years editorial experience at a magazine or newspaper, preferably at a daily where intense deadlines ruled your life; 
  • Solid clips to show your editorial prowess; 
  • A deft editorial eye, i.e. the ability to make bad writing dazzle; 
  • Clever sense of humor; 
  • The ability to act and adapt quickly; 
  • Mad attention to detail and an uncanny ability to multitask;
  • A born communicator, on and off the page; 
  • And… a strong desire to be a part of something new, exciting, and super fast-paced.



My Cover Letter:

Just to be clear, I still want this job.


6 thoughts on “livingsocial left me dyingalone

  1. Funny, I just applied and had an interview there. I took the same route of writing a letter with a litle bit of humor in it, but I made sure keep it nice and short. It seemed in the description that they really didn’t want to spend much time reading a lengthy cover letter, so mine was only two paragraphs.I’ve only had the first interview though, and they said someone shoudl be contacting me for a second interview very soon. Wish me luck! :)Also, good luck to you too! If I read that letter I’d totes interview you. You tickled them really hard! hahaha

  2. Your letter is a bit lengthy, and the way you came across definitely insults their job requirements. I think it’s too tongue and cheek. Maybe give it a shot now that time has passed, and go the professional boring route.

  3. You had me sold until half way through the second paragraph…. When trying to win a girls heart, it’s safe to crack a few jokes at her expense but if you cross the line into insult…consider yourself the asshole. I dig your humor but you over-did it in this cover letter.

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