greg mix

I caught him red-handed during snack time.  It happens every night around 10pm; Greg raids the cabinets for handfuls of salty snacks, and then tilts his head back and pours them in his mouth.  Greg loves trail mix, but he’s recently become a trail mix snob.  He now only buys the ingredients to trail mix (honey roasted peanuts, raisins, and honey nut cheerios) and mixes it himself.  Typically he’ll use a plastic bag so that he can reseal and reuse, but come snack time, his palm becomes the receptacle.  And when he’s caught, he grins, like a contestant on Kids Say the Darndest Things.

The second part is classic banter between Greg and Christian during ping pong.  Lots of complaining and arguing, but it’s all fun.  And yes, Greg is drinking coffee and it’s about 11pm to stay awake.

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