layered comedy

The Onion used to be a novelty. Oh, look at this funny fake newspaper, honey; it’s so cute! Then you put it down and move on, similar to your phase with Weekly World News… remember how funny that was? Well, The Onion is now a comedic powerhouse. They upgraded to podcasts a while back, which I flirted around with, but now they’ve got video and I can’t stop (it stings). Btdub, their articles are still funny too.

Here’s a classic that I saw a while back that will appeal to dorks like me more than anyone:

This one was released yesterday and explains how to pretend you give a sh*&! about the presidential election:

Today Now!: How To Pretend You Give A Shit About The Election

If you play fantasy sports, read this.

18 thoughts on “layered comedy

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